Business Training Center (BTC)

The Business Training Center (BTC) has the mission to contribute to enhancing the entrepreneurial qualification of the staff of economic operators at all levels by organizing professional and entrepreneurial training of all kinds, creating the premises for the development of the business environment, ensuring competitiveness, supporting the internationalization of companies , the development of the public-private partnership, as well as the modernization of the technical vocational education in the country.

The core functions of the Center are:

  • conducting entrepreneurial training and business training, conferences, seminars, courses;
  • maintaining a permanent link with economic operators to identify the training needs of their staff;
    studying the modern international trends of entrepreneurial development and ensuring their implementation in the country;
  • establish and develop partnerships with national and international organizations in order to implement various training activities;
  • implementation of the e-learning system;
  • providing analysis, consultancy and expertise services within the scope of its competence;
  • participation in the development activities of the education system in the country;
  • participation in lifelong learning development (long life learning, non-formal and in-formal learning);
  • supporting and promoting the implementation of dual-element elements in vocational / technical education;
  • working with higher education institutions to train entrepreneus;
  • cooperation with specialized secondary education institutions for the development and promotion of technical vocational education;
  • if necessary, as instructed by the CCI management, the Center’s employees can be appointed as members of the well-defined working groups and may participate in committees;
  • Implementation, maintenance and development of ISO 9001 requirements.


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