Membership in the CCI

The advantages of the CCI membership:

1. Representation and support
The CCI of Moldova has its mission as institution to support and represent the interests of its members of the business community of the Republic of Moldova in their relations with governmental bodies, foreign business organizations and in the framework of international economic relations.

2. Trust and security
The status of CCI membership gives additional confidence and security to an economic agent in relation to internal and external partners as well as the possibility in finding reliable partners via the Chamber.

3. Accessibility  
Once becoming a member of CCI, the company’s basic information is placed free of charge in Romanian, English and Russian languages on the website of the CCI of Moldova, thus gaining the opportunity to be accessed by different potential partners and customers around the world, also becoming a part of the most well – known business organization of the world: the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

4. Information and documentation
The CCI of the Republic of Moldova elaborates and publishes different periodicals to inform its members about the news and activities organized in the country and abroad by the Chamber and its partners. The Chamber’s Library includes a range of teaching materials, brochures and magazines, periodical scientific editions, providing thus with information on new trends and economic developments in the country and abroad.

5. Promotion
The CCI of the Republic of Moldova offers a direct opportunity to its members to participate in exclusive events, fairs, national and international exhibitions, quality awards, bilateral business meetings, and to substantially contribute to the intensification and development of trade relations. Via electronic newsletters, being updated twice a month, information is disseminated free of charge to all members of the Chamber as well as to other economic agents, partners, public authorities; CCI members have a20% discount on the usual rate for advertisements in Chamber publications;

6. Development
Through and with the support of the CCI of the Republic of Moldova, its members can be involved in various projects with international funding aimed to support the development of the business environment in Moldova. Thus, the Chamber provides information, consultancy and organizes  seminars in order to meet the requirements of the project and to outline the ways for achieving its goals.

7. Training and improvement
In order to perform basic and advanced professional training to personnel of the local enterprises, and in order to familiarize them with  new methodologies and techniques, the CCI of the Republic of Moldova offers a wide range of courses, trainings, seminars on different topics and fields, granting to members discounts of up to 15%.

8. Evaluation and expertise
CCI members can benefit free of charge from information and consultancy services in the field of  ATA carnets, and of expertise, evaluation services and certification of the  origin of goods.

9. Settlement of commercial litigation
Members of the Chamber have the opportunity to solve directly and effectively all commercial disputes that might arise, via alternative methods, such as arbitration and mediation, offered by the Arbitration Court of International Trade  within the framework of the CCI of the Republic of Moldova, of less costs of fees charged by institutions of permanent arbitration of other countries.