The main functions of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

  • performs analyses, provides information and renders consulting services to public bodies on the elaboration and adoption of legal acts related to the economic development of the Republic of Moldova;
  • provides support in the development of projects regarding the country’s economy;
  • organizes and upkeeps the non-governmental trade register of its members, according to the valid legislation;
  • organizes meetings and establishes business contacts between economic agents;
  • organizes and supports the participation of local economic agents at  trade fairs and exhibitions abroad;
  • organizes specialized exhibitions and trade fairs within the country;
  • at the request of home and foreign economic agents, provides specific services;
  • offers consulting services on:
    – the evaluation of goods according to their quality and quantity;
    – the determination of country of origin of goods;
    – the determination of the volume of final products processed out of raw material “on Lohn” conditions;
    – the determination of the manufacturer of the goods;
    – the determination of the tariff (code) of goods and its destination;
    – the determination of the market price of the means of transport;
    – the determination of the market price of equipment;
    – the evaluation of the value of real estate;
    – the conformity assessment of products, processes, services;
    – the evaluation of other goods;
    – and other types of expertise.
  • performs expertise of the contracts regarding projects between local economic agents, and agents from abroad upon their request;
  • organizes trainings and seminars for entrepreneurs;
  • issues periodical publications of economic and commercial character, publishes newsletters on general economy issues, concerning economy stand in the country and abroad, with purpose of intensifying trade, as well as booklets, catalogs, brochures, etc.;
  • issues certificates of non-preferential origin for exported goods, filling in of customs declarations;
  • performs brokerage for customs service, targets invoices and other documents in foreign trade;
  • establishes and confirms events of force majeure in the relationships between entrepreneurial entities;
  • provides a number of legal services to economic agents;
  • informs its members about regulations in the field of economic activity, commercial usage, and about  banking and trade opportunities;
  • accredits within the Chambers of Commerce and Industry representatives of foreign Chambers of Commerce and Industry and of companies;
  • renders services of translation from different languages and vice – versa;
  • provides support to its members in obtaining documents for the protection of commercial marks, labels, of industrial designs, inventions and other instruments of intellectual property;
  • provides consulting services in preparation of constituent instruments for the registration of enterprises of different legal forms of organization and representatives of foreign companies;
  • contributes to the development of foreign economic activity and exports of goods, labor force, works and services;
  • collaborates with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of other countries and with their representations accredited in the Republic of Moldova;
  • collaborates directly or through its established representatives abroad, with foreign organizations and institutions, coming across with Chamber’s activity;
  • organizes economic missions abroad for business people in order to expand and intensify economic relations with other countries;
  • contributes to the establishment of contacts and organizes negotiations between its members and foreign companies or organizations with a view of concluding commercial transactions;
  • organizes arbitrage to solve domestic and international commercial disputes;
  • provides interested persons with information about arbitration in other countries;
  • performs other functions, taking into account the world practice of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and provisions of the International agreements to which the Republic of Moldova is signatory.