Exhibitions activity


The department’s goal is to support activities of domestic economic agents by promoting and developing their activities, both on national and international level, thus stimulating growth of the national economy. In order to achieve this, the department provides the following services:
□   Organizing specialized exhibitions in the country.

□   Arrangement and development of national exhibitions abroad “REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA PRESENTS”.

□   Awarding of companies and individual booths at the exhibitions in the country and abroad.
□   Reference consultations on exhibition organization, training of stand personnel.
□   Providing information on conditions for participation in international exhibitions abroad.
□   Convention and travel of Moldavian specialists as delegations to specialized international exhibitions:
1.  Reservation of exhibition space.
2.  Ticket booking.
3.  Hotel room booking.
4.  Visa registration.
□   Searching for business partners for participants of consolidated booths of national exhibitions.
□   Organization and presentations of Moldovan and foreign companies and goods:
1.   Lease and decoration of the exhibition area.
2.   Setting of the exhibition booths.
3.   Publishing of printing materials.
4.   Dissemination of V.I.P. invitations and invitation for visitors.                                                                            5.   Wage of advertising campaign.

□   Organization and development of foreign exhibitions in the country:
1.   Lease and decoration of the exhibition area.
2.   Setting of the exhibition booths.
3.   Output of printing materials.
4.   Dissemination of invitations.
5.  Wage of advertising campaign.

□  Cooperation with international exhibition organizations, unions and associations.
Management of business events, exhibitions and fairs make every effort to ensure exhibitions convened by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to be commercially effective for exhibitors  and for visitors. We strive to provide comprehensive information concerning a particular industry market and its development trends. Exhibitors are assisted in search of new partners and in concluding contracts of mutually benefit.  We always look forward for cooperation with our already known  and new partners.

Welcome to exhibitions, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of  Moldova!