Services provided by the CCI

Support and promotion of CCI members
The CCI of the Republic of Moldova is an institution intended to support and represent interests of its  members and of the business communities in the Republic of Moldova in its relations with government bodies, foreign business circles and International bodies.
–  The Chamber organizes its activities in the framework of the CCI Sectors of Business Committees;
–  Ensures access of the CCI members to analytical, economic, statistical, financial information;
–  Ensures the expertise related tot he development trends of  the business environment;
–  Ensures the public-private dialogue, participates as a member of advisory bodies established with central and local public authorities.

Exhibitions and Fairs
The CCI organizes fairs and exhibitions as a modern and efficient tool for promoting domestic products and services, obtaining considerable economic results, new partners and increased visibility on foreign markets.

Assisting entrepreneurs in the external business activities

The CCI provides assistance to overcome new business frontiers: organizes economic missions, forums, round tables, business visits within the country and abroad, establishes business contacts between economic agents, etc.
It collaborates with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry from other countries and with International organizations in this field.

Training and further training of personnel
–  The CCI assists in increasing the entrepreneurial qualification of the staff of economic operators of all levels;
–  Provides entrepreneurial training and business training, conferences, seminars, specialized courses;
– Develops partnerships with national and international organizations in order to organize International Training Programs;
–   Participates in lifelong learning development activities (long life learning, formal and informal learning);
–   Implements the dual system in Vocational / Technical Education.

Expertise and evaluation of goods
–  The CCI provides services in the field of expertise and evaluation of food stuff, industrial goods,    equipment, means of transport, construction materials, etc.

Services rendered in International trade
–  Issuance of ATA carnets for temporary admission,
– Providing customs brokerage services (customs clearance and other international trade and customs acts necessary for customs clearance) and render advisory in international trade.

Issuance of non – preferential origin certificates for the exported goods

Arbitration and mediation services
– International Court of Commercial Arbitration within the CCI of the Republic of Moldova organizes settlement of domestic and international disputes  by arbitration.
Arbitration- is on voluntary basis and confidential. Compared to the trial, the arbitral proceedings are faster    and the arbitral award is mandatory and final. At the request of the winning party, the court shall invest the arbitration award by enforceable formulaIt is enforceable as a court award.

– Through the Mediation Center, the CCI offers settlement of disputes by negotiations.
Mediation is provided within limited and reasonable terms for dispute resolution; avoiding delays in solving the dispute;
–   Parties achieve a dispute resolution by themselves,  being their own judges;
–   Neither party loses  the case, both sides win (win-win principle);
–   Lower expenses compared to methods of classic disputes  resolution;
–   The mediation transaction has an executive legal force;
–   Parties who have recourse to mediation after assigning an appeal to the court, they will benefit of certain economic assertion, etc.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova has implemented the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015 standard. The Chamber and its Affiliates have shown   an advanced level of quality of services offered to the business environment and the implementation of ISO requirements ensure the uninterrupted improvement of CCI activity and meet expectations of the CCI members and of all beneficiaries of rendered services by the Chamber institutions.